How Does it Work?

Community artists, artisans, or musicians can set up shop on their porch or a neighbor’s porch at designated time slots between 12pm and 5pm on September 23rd, 2017 (Rain or Shine).

Musicians must play at sound level respectful to the neighbors or other performers nearby. Acoustic or “unplugged” sets are ideal, but if you need to plug in, use common sense and discretion. Think of your venue as the space between the house and curb (rather than the whole street or neighborhood) and adjust accordingly.

If you are a porch host who is looking for a performer or a performer looking for a porch, we will connect you. Registration closes on September 1st, 2017.

Bands, artisans and music porch-hosts can select preferred time, but ideally will be available for any time slot between 12pm and 5pm (30-60 minutes long) and follow through with their time slot(s). This way people can move through the neighborhood, rather than having one porch become an all-day concert. The spirit of the day is one of community connections. Depending on the number of bands who sign up, bands may be able to do an early and late set. Artisans can be set up from 12pm-5pm. Set times will be posted no later than two weeks prior to the event.

If there is a shortage of porches, we may have more than one band play on a porch at different time slots. Porch hosts, please indicate if you are willing to host more than one band.

All participation for both bands and porch hosts is voluntary, but bands can put out a tip jar, or sell cd’s or other merchandise. Proceeds can go directly to the band/host or to a charity of choice.

Streets will remain open, but audience members are encouraged to walk and ride bikes, and take transit into town.

Bathrooms are available at the Library and other establishments downtown. Hosts are not required to allow audiences to use bathrooms; refreshments are optional.

Everyone is encouraged to promote the event before, during and after on social media using the hashtag #collingswoodporchfest